Collecting Datetime Input without Time Component

while the Datetime input widget works well for getting date inputs from users, there are other ways to get a Datetime from users in the app depending on how you’d like to design the interface.

here’s a quick demo for one way of building another interface that does not prompt users for the time of day:

  • add inputs for the 3 elements (year, month, day). in this example I’ve created Single Select inputs for the month and day input and the Year will default to 2021, but it’s up to you to design it any way you’d like:
  • add the calculation to a Trigger (Expression: parse_datetime_tz(@Variable.Date [Text] , 'YYYYMMDD', 'CET')):
  • here are the varaiebls for the app (note that Date [Datetime] variable is indeed in the Datetime format as the PARSE_DATETIME_TZ() function will convert a text input to a Datetime variable):
  • result:

let us know if you have any questions!!