I like to shorten the App Info.Current Date and Time -function to a special format

Any kind of example is welcome

Good morning @ChrisF,

Do you need the newly created variable to be in Datetime format? If not, I’d recommend using the FORMAT_DATE_TZ function.

For example:

format_date_tz(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 'MMM Do YYYY', 'UTC')

Here are a couple of screenshot of how this works in an app:

The PARSE_DATETIME_TZ() function is typically used to convert from a Datetime > Text.

Let me know if this helps!



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Hi Giovanni,
i will test it.

Regards Christian

it works - thanks.
But i habe to trigger it again for actual date/time.
I hope for a function to format the App Info.Current Date and Time-Variable in the head of the apps without the time zone information

Regards Christian

OK, good to hear @ChrisF.

You can also only display the Current Date (without timezone) as a variable if you’d like to include that in the header of the apps:

This is what it will look like when running the App:

Is this how you’d like to display the Date?

Sorry, no.
I like to see the current time (and date) without timezone. I don’t understand why tulip provide the user with this informationen

Good morning Chris,

I understand why it would be useful to display this information to a user. A good solution could be to use the FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function on a timer (every minute, for example) and display the variable as the current date and time. See below for an example:

Is this the information you’d like to display?