Capture Current Time zone

can we capture the current time zone of system in Tulip application?


Hi @kkale -

Do you want to be able to display timezone as a text variable? Is this to check that the timezone set to a station matches the actual time zone? Just want to better understand what you are looking for :slight_smile:

On the Stations page in app editor you can see the set timezone for a station

You can also set default timezone for a Tulip Account, but that will be overriden by what is specified at the Station level (so if you have many stations in different timezones, you can set them appropriately


hello Beth,
in one of my applications i want to capture the System current time zone as Text variable.
and that variable I want to use in expression.
for your reference I have attached screen shot .

Okay I understand -

I played around a little bit and found this to work to extract the UTC timezone from the current app time

The output variable looks like this (it is a text variable)

I am not sure how to convert UTC to something like TZ format (, but hopefully this helps you get most of the way there!

Hello Beth,
Thanks for the Update, I will check it with my app, and let you know.

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