Station Timezone Availability

When formatting date/time information in triggers it is necessary to give the function timezone information (e.g. ‘America/New York’). I see that stations also contain information about the timezone they are associated with (although a slightly different format). Is there a way for me to get the station’s timezone from within a trigger to ensure consistent formatting? I’ve only see the station name available in App Info.

Hey @Lance ,

There is no way to automatically reference a Station’s Timezone from within a trigger. That piece of information isn’t reachable from the expression editor.

One thought here could be to build a table that stores station’s timezones.

StationName | Timezone
Station 1 | ‘America/New York’
Station 2 | ‘America/Denver’
Station 3 | ‘Canada/Pacific’

Here you can dynamically reference the established timezone for a particular station by using the Station Name to load the relevant table record. From there you could pass the record’s timezone field data into the expression you’re trying to build.

Here a list of tz database timezones: List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia

Let me know if that helped, or if you’d like further clarity.