Step trigger that fires at static time


Is there a way to use a step trigger that when a certain time of day is reached (same every day) I can get a message to pop up?

I saw this one but It does not work for me. Also, I am GMT+10 (AEST) time. How would I adapt my expression to suit?


Thanks in advance,


hello @Nolsie, we can certainly help out here!!

I was looking at the Expression shared in the screenshot and I believe it should be HH:mm, rather than HH:MM, as the capital M looks at the month, rather than the minutes. more info. here: Moment.

then, to apply this to the time zone you mentioned you can replace the EST with AET.

I would start by displaying a message with the time (HH:mm) format every second:

once you can confirm that it’s outputting the message as you’d expect, you can change the Expression in the If statement with the 2 changes (lower case Ms and AET).

could you try that and let us know how it goes?? thanks!!

Thanks @gio
All sorted!

great to hear @Nolsie!!