Trigger Schedulers

Hi @gio ,

Is there a way to invoke the trigger at a particular time in a day, for example Trigger A should be invoked 7 am every day. Similar to schedulers in thingworx.


hello @psp316r,

you can have a Timer Trigger that has an If condition for when the the current date and time matches the time you’d like to execute the Trigger.

for example, if you use the following formula and set it equal to to 08:00, the Trigger will fire every day at 08:00 if the App is running.

format_date_tz(@App Info.Current Date and Time , ‘HH:MM’, ‘EST’)

this Topic has more information: Step trigger that fires at static time.

does this answer your question??

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Hi @gio

Understood the logic of 8 am, but need to invoke the trigger how can it be done at 8:00 ?


@psp316r, do you mean you want the Trigger to execute at both 8AM and 8PM?? if so, you can change the formatting instead to being hh (that will have 08 regardless is it’s 08:00 or 20:00). more info. here: Moment.js cheatsheet.

if you place the If Conditional in the Trigger, the Actions will only execute at 08:00. as the Timer is firing every 10 Seconds (or any other time you define), the Actions will only execute if the If Conditional is True.