Timer trigger for automation

When is the timer trigger going to be rolled out? Right now I just have a dummy app creating table records on a timer.

Hi Jordan,

We’re anticipating the automations time event to be rolled out in Q4 of this year.



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I realized the other day that this will eventually be really easy to build even without the native Tulip feature. I believe many MQTT brokers and OPC servers have the system time as a subscribe-able topic. You can just set up machine triggers to parse this and fire events on a schedule. This will be contingent on some expression functionality, but the team has alluded to expressions already being under way.


Good catch @danielpomeranz, that is a good work around and not that hard to setup (if you are already using an OPC UA server). Some servers also give you current hour or current minute. You can use this without having to parse the data.

Another workaround is cron-job.org. Create a cron-job to create a record in a Tulip table (using table api) and use record added as the trigger.
Or use AWS EventBridge or any other sort of timer based trigger that can call REST Apis.

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Hi folks! Check out Release 275 - March 2024, Automations now has “On a Schedule” capabilities that resolve this! Wahoo!

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