Automations - Scheduled Events Frequency

Would like to be able to schedule events within automations more frequently than once per hour. Additionally, we see limitations with # of executions per second and triggers beyond a certain limit will not run. It would be helpful to a) raise the limit and b) allow the extra/additional triggers to execute in the following seconds.

Hi @audreyvdc_sbd,

How frequently are you looking to run some of these automations and if possible, could you provide additional context around what you are using them for? In addition, could you elaborate by what you mean by “triggers beyond a certain limit”?



Hi, Currently there is a soft & hard limit on the backend triggers of automation (example: 5 executions/second). As automations are the only way in tulip to bring automated Machine data into normal tulip tables. This limit threats us from using Machine related triggers. We have more than 100 machines, so its hard for us to control the triggers.

Hi @yokesh.shanmugam,

That makes sense - I’m curious to understand if you would still utilize automations for machines once it is out of Beta (and there would be a cost per action) and if you would still need the higher rate limit.



Unless you are expecting a special agreement with Tulip, I would highly recommend avoiding any automations which run this frequently. The team has been pretty forward that eventually this feature will be pay per run in some capacity.

@yokesh.shanmugam The other way to do this same thing is to use a Tulip app as the communication layer between machines and tables. I frequently do this from inside of a dashboard app which I know will be running quite often.

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We tried the tulip app as communication layer & it got failed. Because there were data losses when the app goes offline. As well maintaining a 100% device uptime and internet connectivity is not a cup of tea for a typical shopfloor. The only reason we thought of using automations is that it provided a headless transaction. If automations will become “pay as you use” in future, then no we would not think to utilize automation for this purpose. Instead we would look for an alternative improvement from tulip side to address the current limitations in Machine module. Either improving the Machine table schema & its functionalities similar to normal tulip table (or) machine tiggers to log data into tulip tables (or) any sort of change that can remove the current limitations on machine tables and its modules.
Currently we are utilizing third party softwares to handle the machine logics & logging the data into tulip tables for app integrations. But we want to get rid of managing two or more systems and looking forward to bring everything possible into tulip.

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