User management via API/Connectors

I am working to integrate our Tulip instance with some of our other enterprise systems and have them pass information back and forth using the API and Connectors features.

I am overall really happy with the functionality, but I have a few questions regarding user management:

To edit/update a user column in a Tulip table record, do I need to pass the user ID? I tried passing the user’s email but it didn’t work. To test, I hardcoded the value for the user column to be my user ID and the table record updated successfully.

The problem with this is that our other enterprise systems don’t know what our Tulip user IDs are, so there is no way to variably code a user into updates to Tulip tables coming from outside systems without some additional work.

One solution that could work is a GET operation for the API to lookup user IDs using their email address and then passing the response into the update, but it doesn’t seem like the GET operation is available under the API docs for users. Is that something that is on the roadmap?

Am I missing another solution or way of handling this?


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You could store the user info in a different table then do a get call on that for the information you want. You wouldn’t even need to use the users table and the id could be the users’ emails.

Ah, true. That could serve as a decent workaround.

  1. Create a new Tulip table that’s a database of users
  2. Call that table using the GET table records operation
  3. Pass user ID from that table into the update to another Tulip table.

I’ll try it out. Should work, but it would be great to have a more sustainable way over time to call users. As our company grows, I imagine it will become rather onerous to keep the user table updated.

Hey Hans,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - Spend a few hours with our team to make sure I had the right answer to this one.

Unfortunately, jla is right, there isn’t currently an endpoint that you can hit to return userId’s. I think the proposed solution is a decent solution for the short-term and I made a feature request internally to add an endpoint to return this data.

I will keep this thread updated as that feature request progresses. Thanks for the fantastic feedback, Community is exactly the right place to get your voice heard and features added to the platform!


Great, thank you Pete!