Tulip User Custom Fields - SAML Integration


We are facing the problem that we have external training that has implications to the correct accesses within Tulip. We utilize SAML integration but could think it would be very beneficial that Tulip, through SAML could take more information easing the immediate and long-term burdens of user management regarding specific APP access.


Hey @xavier.henes -

Just to make sure I have this clear, you are looking to map user attributes to the User Table (or somewhere else) so they are accessible within a trigger?

In talking to the team - It sounds like this isn’t currently possible, but is certainly something we could build.


More specificallly, I am looking to map attributes in an AD or ServiceNow request to a Tulip Table so that we can use these specificities within a Tulip Trigger within an APP.

Hey @xavier.henes -

Got it! a new ask for me! Let me get a request written for this one!