[Tip of the Week] Custom Fields for Users

hello all!!

for this week’s tip of the week, we wanted to share how you can add Custom Fields to your Users list that can unlock many interesting use cases.

to access Custom Fields for Users, you can navigate to https://{{instance_name}}.tulip.co/account-settings/users/fields (please note you need to be an Account Owner to access this). from here, you can add Custom Fields of different data types (Text, Number, etc.), and you’ll be able to assign each user a value for those each of those fields:

in this example, we’ll be assigning each user with a Department (Engineering, Production, QC, etc.) and using that to filter a list that we’re using in our App.

to start, you’ll need to create a Custom Field of Type Text, and name it Department:

for each of the users, you can assign a specific Department they’re in:

in the App, we’ll be adding a simple Single Select with all the available options:

and now, on an Interactive Table, we can add a Filter and assign it to filter by the Department Variable that we’re using in the Single Select:

as you can see, as you now select between the various departments, the list of Users is automatically filtered:

this is a good example of a Library App that makes use of Custom Fields for Users to filter by User skill level: Training Solutions | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps.

are you using using Custom Fields in your Apps?? if so, let us know how you’re using them!!