Using list of Tulip users from App

Is there a way to directly pull list of Tulip users & their roles (+ custom field, if possible) into an interactive tables within an App? The way I am thinking of using such, is there is a requirement to review list of users / roles every once in a while to make sure roles are assigned to appropriate individuals. Also, required to record the result of this review, and TULIP would be a good place to record digitally. Appreciate your Tips.

Hi @shohey539, thanks for the question. It’s definitely possible, though this would require some manual configuration to see roles.

You can interact with the user table like you would any table through the interactive table widget. If you look at the screen shot below, I can create a read/write connection and add a placeholder under the records pane, and then configure my interactive table to connect to the users table under the widget pane.

The only catch is that user role isn’t a default field in this table, so you’ll have to manage that.