Add User Fields as Options for Filtering Interactive Tables and Table Queries

I have a use case where I have a user location stored as a custom field, and when users log in to my Tulip app I want them only to be able to see data corresponding to their location. I can store the user location as a separate variable on step enter and use that variable to filter my table but of course that is one extra step. Just a small suggestion.


@Ethan That’s a good suggestion, thanks! We will consider it as we make improvements.

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Hi Ethan,

There is another workaround that enables accessing the logged in user custom fields in filters:

  • Create a “Logged in user” record placeholder for the user table
  • Load the logged in user in a trigger when the app start.
  • Then you can access custom fields via the placeholder in the filters editor

Hope this helps!

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I’ll have to try it out, thanks !