Dynamic Filter for User Table

Using a Messaging App in my Assembly App and would like to find a way to limit the list of users to select from by location based on who is logged in. In the Single Select Widget I can only select All Users and cannot filter. I have the location field setup in the Custom Users table, I just cannot use it. Would be great if I could filter the dropdown by location as defined in the Custom Users table.

Hey @Packroyd -

This is a great call. I wrote up a feature request for this. The user custom fields table can be a bit frustrating because they lack some of the key features (like queries, which is what I would use here) that normal tables have.


is there any update on this?

would love this feature as i have a need to limit the amount of users shown in a dropdown list/interactive table based on a text input by the user of the app.

the current method of displaying all the registered users in a dropdown/interactive table and having the user of the app scroll/type who they are here to see is not ideal.

many thanks

@knowlec, I just voted for this suggestion because this is the second time this morning a user has asked for this functionality.

In the meantime: this is a workaround, but you could always create a USER LOCATION table and use queries in that table to filter your dropdowns. The process would be to write logic in your app that creates a new entry in a table for each user (such that there’s only one row per user), and have fields for location, status, etc. in the table. You could then use Table Queries and Aggregations to do the filtering you’re looking for. Not ideal, but will get you the functionality you’re looking for.

Hi @John thank you for that

would you have any guides/info on how I would achieve this?
my request is a “auto complete” function whereby the app user types in the Users name and the name then displays for them to select (so an email can be sent to the selected user informing them that help is needed), ideally without having all User names displayed before you type.

how would i auto populate my new table to update when a new User is registered in the Users Table?
i assume then i would need a new field type in my new table that also stores the Users name but as a text so that can be used as the text filter?

thank you in advance for the support.

@knowlec, let me see if I understood you correctly. I recorded a quick video that I think addresses what you’re looking for. Let me know if this is moving in the right direction:

If not, feel free to take another pass at describing your desired outcome, and you’re always welcome to drop by office hours for live trouble shooting. We have two more sessions tomorrow:


@John hi John thank you very much for taking the time to test this out.
you’re pretty much close to what i am trying to achieve

i already had something similar to this set up but the default “Enter Name” for the variable is a neat trick to hide user names at the beginning.

one last thing would be how would the user get selected once the name is inputted? on a interactive table it filters to the needed User, but then that User will need to receive an email.

as seen above my trigger gets the selected User (Contact here) and sends an email to them.
This is currently done by the visitor using a dropdown and seeing all the users in the DB and selecting the one person.

Is there a way to implement your fix to when the interactive table or dropdown is filtered out to one User, it changes the variable “Contact” to that user to they can receive the email?

@knowlec Let me know if this is what you’re looking for:

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@John thank you very much for this super handy workaround.
this will work much better than having all Users show by default.

I have already developed and deployed this update for our company so its a great help

all the best!

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@Pete_Hartnett Any update on being able to use queries/aggregations in the User Tables?

No update as of now - @jmlowden actually just made a specific product request for queries/aggregations in the user table the other day (linked here: User Table Enhancements - Enable Queries & Aggregations & Analytics) - feel free to go vote on that request to help bump the priority :slight_smile: