Improve Embedded User Table

In Release 189- August 2020

We are now able to embed user tables! As an improvement it would be nice to be able to sort the table alphabetically.

Also, it would be useful to be able to filter on the user table.

Hey Michael, you should be able to filter the User Table today- have you tried this setup?


Good afternoon @mellerbeck,

Thanks for this great feedback, a ticket has been created for our product and engineering team to process the request.

I did want to point out that in the meantime, you could create a field with the user’s name and sort by that field. For example I’m sorting by a Field called name in this Table:

Regarding the filter; is there a specific field you’d like to filter by (as there are some filters available in the embedded Users Table already)?

Let me know your thoughts on this!



But filter by user

Being able to filter by the user string (not user object, if thats clear), so you can find a user in a long list.

OK, thanks for the clarification!

Using the same Name custom field as shown above, you should be able to find the user you’d like. But we’ve taken note on this feature working from the User field too.