Sorting on users datatype


In many tables we (obviously) include who makes the entry or in other forms ensure user context is logged. When building apps for users to inspect data we allow filtering based on specific users. We do this by making a query (on the latest 1000 table entries) and locate unique users in an aggregation to populate the single select drop down.
It sort of works, though for some reason sorting on users are not allowed in tables and cannot be added as sorting method in queries. The end result is that users are not listed alphabetically and in entry order.


The users variable do not show up as an option for sorting. For text, number etc it is allowed as shown on manipulated picture below:

Will the ability to sort alphabetically for users datatype be included in a future update?

Our present issue is quite specific to allowing end users to work with data, and an alternative could be to allow us to configure filtering on tables where the GUI does not only allow exact same data type but could allow to filter based on a text field. At present it only allows same datatype.

Have others encountered this issue and found a smart way of circumventing the system restrictions? I tried the table API but the users replied are the internal keys and then sorting is not possible.
If there are a smart way to implement this I am also all ears :slight_smile:

I am not resorting to duplicating user information in a text column to allow the sorting and searching…


Today I made another comment, mentioning the same issue.

So I totaly agree.
I guess there is no useful workaround (you could add a column with the Name of the User but that would be a bad solution).

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