How to filter users using text instead of single select drop down

Good morning,

I was wondering how to work around a query where it only allows you to use user variables instead of text – I need to filter a table that contains user variables as IDs. Is there a way to filter using text? The only input I can have that allows to filter users are single select drop downs.


Hey @gleeTICO,

Can you provide a little more context around this? The ID field in tables must be text, how are you storing user type as the record id? Are you doing something like a TOTEXT() expression to convert the user to text, and then using that as you ID?

There are some annoying limitations in triggers around working with user data, and there is work planned to resolve a number of known limitations, I want to make sure your use-case would be resolved with that work, if its not currently possible.


It is a user table, the IDs are “users” which limits my query in that if I want to filter the ID, it only allows for certain inputs – eg single select.

Now, I want to filter the IDs by the username, which is just a name. However, since the ID is classified as a “user,” I can’t filter the ID if that makes any sense.

I want a text input where if I type a name, it filters the table using the ID. However, the text input can’t take user’s as a variable.

Ah! Gotcha, didn’t realize you were speaking to the user table. that totally makes sense. There are a number of annoying limitations around that table specifically (like why doesn’t it have queries or aggregations). This isn’t just a normal table to limit access to only account owners, but right now that comes with some annoying app implications.

One way around this is to use a second user lookup table that doesn’t lack these limitations. Normal tables allow queries that would allow you to filter to any field, including the users name, but this isn’t currently possible with the user table. I can provide more context on how I would do this, if you are uncertain how to implement this.

I will add this usecase to the tickets around resolving a lot of those limitations.


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