Tulip Table Vs Player


is it possible export Tulip Table from the Player ?

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Hey @luigi.onorato,

This isn’t currently possible but I can write up a feature request for it. For a little context, we generally think of the player primarity as the interface the floor is using so the tulip player is intentionally more locked down on functionality to limit the complexity to production users. A few questions so I can better document this in a feature request-

  • What is the usecase where you need to export data from a tulip player? Most Tulip users primarily use analytics and tulip dashboards to view their data and just use table exports on a periodic basis (say monthly, quarterly, etc) to combine with other data they might have.

  • Are there other features of the Tulip web interface that would be nice to have access to in the player?

  • Would you be looking to have this functionality accessable in a trigger? Or would the ability to export from a dropdown menue be acceptable?

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @Pete_Hartnett ,

thank you for your quick reply !

Just for context → I work in Terex Corporation and I’m using Tulip to build an application in order to help our technichans during the troubleshooting activity of our machines (mainly aerial platform).

We can split this app in two level:

  • First troubleshooting level: I’ve build the simple logical equations to detect the issues like this:

In short: if the pressure pressure value is greater than a certain value do this thing, elseif the pressure value is lower than a certain value do this other thing (just to try to explain the logic).

Second level of troubleshooting: it’s impossible dectect all issues using the way that I’ve descrived above and to help out the technician with complex issues it’s usefull work with data.
I’ve created some log files (csv format) with the right signals (pressure, corrent ect…) and I would like upload this files on Tulip Table so as to enable the technician to export the signals (setting a Trigger on the Player) and then overlapping with the wrong singnals that come form the machine under ispection.

Thank You and keep in touch for futher clarifications :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,
We wish for same exporting issue here too, we built an app for workers on the production floor that collect many types of Quality management data such as metal detector checks or weight sample checks for units of product (sausages for example), we store all this data in Tulip table.
I build an app for the Quality inspectors workers that should locate the particular data by several keys like production date, article number, batch number etc, they can do that by filtering data with queries I created but still must download the filtered data into excel for further investigation and join data with the ERP or any other external data that comes from other systems.

All of those users use only the Tulip Player, I didn’t let them to use the web developing working area, so they can’t download Tulip table from there.

So, how can they download the filtered data ? the only solution we came here to do is that I can download a complete table once a while from the web page but it can’t be last forever.

Thank you,
Amit Berku

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Hey @Amit and @luigi.onorato,

This one slipped through the cracks during my investigation! Thanks for the fantastic color on your specific usecases where exporting data from the player would be useful.

Thankfully, during my investigation I learned this functionality has already been documented and is in the backlog to get worked on. I don’t yet have a date or release where we can expect this feature to land, but I will update this thread as it does progress.

@Amit in regards to exporting filtered data, this is included in that feature, you would be able to export the results of any table query, along with potentially additional filters.

Hope this clarity helps! Keep the great ideas coming!

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Hey @Pete_Hartnett

Hope that this feature will be implemented asap, In this way I can give a great added values to our troubleshooting process !

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Hi @Pete_Hartnett ,

hope all is well :slight_smile:

Any update about ‘export data from Tulip Table’ ?

Let me know and feel free to ask more clarifications
Thx :slight_smile:

Hey @luigi.onorato,

This feature has been added to an ongoing larger project’s scope. There are a bunch of trigger improvements on the horizon. This larger project is about 25% complete, but this specific request hasn’t been picked up yet. I expect to see this feature introduced, but it very likely won’t be until at least mid summer.

In the meantime, have you worked with the Tulip API at all? I know of a number of customers who have used this avenue to take data out of Tulip and make very specialized reports. The skillset required is a little bit more advanced, but with that comes almost infinite flexibility. A few articles to look at about the API: