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Hello Team,

When i am trying to rollout Tulip, need to understand if Tulip LTS 7 has below two features?
1 . Is it possible to have ‘Download’ feature to let user/operator to download one connection query result to excel/csv/txt/pdf files from the app?

  1. Can Tulip integrated with some embeded background job, such every several hours to run one Python program?


Hi @Ruijia,

Are you primarily interested in downloading the connector function return or the result of a Tulip Table query? This functionality is not present in LTS7 but I’d like to understand more so we can add that feedback for our Product team.

You could run an app that makes a connector function call to a hosted service that could execute a Python script but that would run outside of Tulip. For example, making an HTTP call to a Lambda function could be a possible solution.


Hi Grant,

For the 1st topic, actually I developed below APP page which could query some info based on specific condition. But business still want to download them to one file(excel/csv/text) to share others or compare with their local files.

Regarding to 2nd one, may I know if you have below similar trainign vedio to share more? Thanks.

Hi @Ruijia!

On the first topic, we’re currently evaluating the ability to add an export option from a Tulip Table or Tulip Table Query directly to CSV from the Player. I’m not sure if we’d look to extend this for any list of object data types (i.e. the return of a SQL function) but can certainly add this feedback.

We don’t have any training video that I’m aware of but have posts from customers who have done similar things. If you’re familiar with AWS Lambda, here’s an example on how to trigger this behavior.

If you’re just interested in trying to build an endpoint in Python to trigger some code, you could look at Flask and examples on how to build your own HTTP endpoints or webhooks depending on what you’re trying to do. Here’s a good write up about APIs with Python.

Thank you Grant, let me study it and may consult you later.