New HTTP Connector Course in University!

Super excited to announce that Tulip University published a new course on HTTP Connectors! This course replaces outdated HTTP connector content and takes a more detailed approach to creating and using HTTP connectors in Tulip.

HTTP Connectors

Some topics I cover in the course:

Creating new Connectors:

  • Overview and diagrams of connectors pages & features in Tulip Instance
  • Create and configure a new connector
  • Learn to read and understand API Docs
  • Understand the difference between read and write request methods
  • Create connector functions
  • Set function queries and parameters

Working with Connector Responses and Outputs:

  • Learn how to read JSON response bodies
  • Extract properties from objects
  • Extract properties from arrays
  • Filter arrays

Using Connectors in Apps:

  • Call on connectors using trigger logic
  • Store connector outputs in text variables
  • Store connector outputs in interactive tables
  • Use linked variables to display interactive table row details in a text variable when row is selected
  • Extract values from an object to use in trigger logic
  • Populate a single-select dropdown with connector outputs (and use this dropdown to filter an interactive table)

Check it out and let us know what you think! A new SQL Connector course is in the works, so we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.