New HTTP Connectors Knowledge Base Content

I’m excited to announce that we’re revamping our Connectors support content, this includes reorganizing the existing folder of Connectors content and adding new articles in the Knowledge Base. These articles coincide with the announcement of a new HTTP Connectors Course on University!

In the first installment of rolling out this new support content, we have 5 new articles covering HTTP connectors, configuration, and troubleshooting:

How to Configure a Connector

A detailed walkthrough of how to configure HTTP and SQL connectors, including a breakdown of the configuration modal and all the fields you might need to fill out for a successful connection.

How to Create and Configure an HTTP Connector Function

A guide for creating an HTTP connector function that takes you through the various steps and modifications to your function to maximize your results.

How to Format HTTP Connector Outputs

Understand how to create and map outputs using dot notation. Optimize your connector results by tailoring your outputs to the content you want to pull from expansive data.

Using HTTP Connectors in Apps

You’ve configured an HTTP connector and created a connector function–now what? Now, you can use the returned data in apps! This article will illustrate how to do that from set up to configuring logic in your apps.

And potentially the most requested article…

Troubleshooting Connectors

A document that gives solutions for common connectors issues including fixing offline connector hosts, correctly mapping outputs, and resources for interpreting error codes.

In addition to adding new articles, we’ve also deprecated a few articles that were out-of-date.

We have much more connectors content coming down the pipeline that we’re excited to share, including SQL connectors, a breakdown of the connectors function editor, and an introduction to connectors and integrations for the getting started guide. If there’s any specific content you want to learn more about, let us know in the comments!

Thanks and happy building :slight_smile:


I think it would be great to make the link between retrieve an array of objects via an HTTP connector and how you can use array of object in your apps. For exemple how find a object in your array based on value. Use MAP_TO to extract in a simple array, find the value, know the index and finally extract good object form array. Manipulate array of object in app is key to but robust and fast app

@youri.regnaud this is great feedback, and I agree that these are key techniques that are currently covered in this collection of documents. we’ll look into getting this incorporated asap!

I notice that Index_of is not in knowledge base