Connector Function - Row Counting

Hello everyone! I’ve done a bit of searching around and can’t seem to find an answer to this, so apologies if it has been answered somewhere else. It seems simple so I fully expect there to be a very easy solution that I’m missing!

I want to be able to count the outputs from a connector function I’m running. I can find a few solutions to counting table rows, like using an analysis drop-in, but none of these seem to fit for a connector function output.

Each row returned from the connector function is a previous return to our service centre. All I want to do is count the total rows for total previous returns. I also then want to count rows with an additional condition, i.e. does the in_warranty column = ‘Y’ ?


Any help gratefully received! Alex

Hey @alexbarnes-

Grabbing the length from a connector return is super straightforward-

There isn’t a great native way to do this with additional filtering (like checking a specific field = Y). Most often customers do this filtering when pulling the data, vs retroactively after the data is in Tulip.

This is totally possible with something like a custom widget, but setting that up is a little more involved. I run office hours 3 times a week that are an open invite to the whole Tulip community for help building stuff like this. Sign up here:


Hi @Pete_Hartnett
Thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try.
Of course I could just do this is the connector function itself with a DISTINCT COUNT function. Not sure I why I didn’t think of this before!
Thanks again. Alex