Using Query Parameters in Connectors Functions

I searched thru community posts and also Tulip support site but I’m unable to find how to use query parameters in connector functions.

I have a boolean field in table called ToolKit and i would like to filter data based on data in this column (which can be yes or no). I’m using then this query to populate Single select widget.

I’m probably doing something wrong. When I test query I get error:
“details” :“Unable to parse query string: extra param(s): ToolKit”
“errorCode”: “InvalidQueryString”

Without parameters query works.

I have connector to tulip tables.


hello @ermingut, thanks for posting!! here’s a quick guide on how to filter the Table API Connector Function based on parameters.

  1. run a Connector Function GET https://{{instance_name}}$tableID$ and find the name for the field in your Table you’d like to filter by:
  2. add Query Parameters to your Connector Function GET https://{{instance_name}}$tableID$/records as such:
    filters.0.field = name of a Table column
    filters.0.arg = the value to compare to
    filters.0.functionType = comparison function

this will return the filtered Table Records based on the Filters provided. I would like to point out that you can add multiple filters by entering sequential filters and incrementing the index (where it’s set to 0 in the above example).

for further resources, I’d recommend looking at:

does this answer you question?? let us know!!

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Thank you @gio. This is exactly what I need. I tried multiple filters and works beautifully.

happy to hear it @ermingut!!

it would be awesome if you could share the use case for which you’re using this in Show and tell - Tulip Community.