Connector function filter by null value

I created a connector function that filter a Tulip table by several fields and should return a single record, first field is text type and other 2 are boolean, I want to get all fields with values from app for the first 2 fields and where the 3rd field is blank (null value), how can I do that ?

What sould I write where the red arrow is ?

If I’m tring to write null or NULL I get the following error :

Kind regards,
Amit Berku

Hi @Amit,

For values you’re checking if null, you can use the functionType blank and not pass in an arg to the filter! You can use notBlank as well if you want to return records that are not null!

Let us know if that helps.

Hi @Grant,
Yes it helped, thank you very much, where can I find a list of those function types or any help on query parameters ?


Hi @Amit,

You can find this at <your-instance> in the description of the endpoint you’re using!