Simplify method of sending NULL to connector functions

We utilize connector functions that talk to postgres functions. In the case of an update, if a NULL is sent for a field it keeps the current value and only updates the fields that new data is sent.

This works pretty well, but in order to send NULLS I have to go to each field and set it to a static value of nothing. This sends nulls except for text fields which send ‘’ but I digress

So, I have the selfish desire that if I leave the inputs unconfigured it would send a NULL

I realize this wouldn’t be useful for most, so I wonder if anyone has an interface suggestion to accomplish this :slight_smile: maybe a ‘required field’ setting on tulip connector side?

Hey @mellerbeck

I think the idea of optional parameters is a great idea. I created a feature request for this. You’re totally right, that this is definitely an edge cases, and there is a workaround, but it’s important to put it on the backlog so it is eventually addressed. I have personally duplicated connector functions to have a null version and a version with inputs, we should natively support this better.

Thanks for the great idea-

Same need, same problem… Please implement an option to set a variable explicitly to null!


Being able to select a null value from the dropdown would be useful.

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