Create put API connector function

I have a tulip table (named tbl_verification) with several rows in it, one of the columns is of order number, for each order number can be several rows, the id is from totext(@App Info.Current Date and Time ), I need to update all rows of same order number for another field (a text field) with the same value.
If I could write an sql statement it would be like the following one :
Update tbl_varification set mat_desc = ‘my value’ where order = ‘1733396’
This statemnet will put the value my_value in all rows where order is 1733396.

I tried to create a connector function of put using the api documentation but didn’t succeed, it’s not matter for me if the solution will be by a connector function with or without a query or in the app itself.

Can anyone help me how to implement it ?

Kind regards,
Amit Berku

Here is one way to do this:
Quick tips - Looping!

Thank you very much, worked great !!!