Quick tips - Looping!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a quick video for how to accomplish looping. It can be a pretty powerful technique.


Hi @freedman

Is it possible to use a similar technique If I have a work orders table.
What I am wanting to achieve is to create a dispatch app where there is a single table with all sales orders and corresponding work orders. So a sales order may have 10+ lines of work orders.
Is it possible to create a feature that loops through and marks all lines of a sales order as packed (one of the fields in a table)?

@Nolsie definitely - the above technique can be used to do all sorts of things within the loop. The scenario you are bringing up is almost identical to the one in this video. Looping has a limit of 100 cycles so that should work fine in your scenario.

There are methods you can use to increase the limit if needed.