Looping in Tulip Apps just got EASY

Hey All,

A new release just went live in library, and with that makes looping within your Tulip apps incredibly easy.


Maybe you want to mark a dozen tasks as complete, or clear erroneous scrap data en-masse?

Prior to this release, looping was possible, but painful in Tulip apps. Excited to see all that you build!



Glad to hear we have a widget could process multiple times of data manipulation in Tulip app.
Here I have a question, how do we link the button trigger and widget to complete the loop as we expected?
for example, in the video, how do you fire trigger of “5.Run Loop button” to drive the widget looping?

Bootter Qian

Hey @jinbootter.qian -

So the way this widget works is, every-time you set its loop list input to a list of text, it will go through each element in that list firing the Loop Action event, and at the end of the list, it fires the End Action event.

In the Unit test app that comes with this widget, you can see how we are setting the input to our widget to be equal to a not blank list (of ids) this will trigger the widget to start looping.

Does this make a little more sense?

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Hi, Pete,

Thank you so much! Much clear now!

The trigger of looper is change of variable which has been appointed in Loop list, normally this is an array.

by using event of “loop action”, looper will pop up values in array one by one, actions or transactiones would be execueted.

The process bar is a visible indication for end users about this event. That’s great!

A nice widget.

Thanks again!