Limitations / bugs of Looper V1

Hi all,
I’m trying to use this custom widget to convert an array into an Tulip table.
The idea is nice and basically it does what it should.
the length of the widget doesn’t represent the length of the looper list.
The specified limit of 250 entries is false, the widget stops after 100 entries.

Is it possible to change?

Regards Chris

Does it stop looping (triggering) or is only the visualisation done early?

The issue is, that the looper only hands over the values and starts the trigger for every value, but it does not wait for success. So it builds up a stack of tasks. The tsks may need much more time.

As far as I rememper, the looper starts a trigger and waits 250ms, then starts the trigger with the next value.

If the task needs more than 250ms (and Tulip Tables are really slow) then the tasks are running in a queue. However, the visualisation does not know, if the task is done, but only if it is created.
Thats why the process bar is full early when doing tasks with the table.

Hi Thorsten,
no, the looper stops looping after 100 steps.
I used an increasing Interger for every loop and inside the loop trigger I fill a Tulip table with values.
So I can see that the widget stops looping after 100 steps, but the length of the list, I send to the widget, is 146.

Regards Chris

with a simple increment of a counter, it works as expected.
But as soon as the Looper trigger has to do more complex actions, it runs in the limitations of 100 steps.
In my case I try to use this widget to store an array (return of a connector function) into a tulip-table. I think this is too complex for a widget and an (internal?) limitation will be reached?

Regards Chris