Trigger supported export to CSV


I would like to suggest a trigger-supported export to CSV. For those of us needing to import data into legacy tools, or a secure tool we cannot receive clearance to access, a CSV export would be useful.

The goal is to export a table record or a completion record when a button is selected. Having the ability to write that file to a secure FTP would also be useful as Tulip operates outside our internal domain.


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Hi Delroy! Thanks for sharing this. Have you considered using an external tool like Zapier or Integromat to accomplish this? These are “no code” workflow builder tools.

For example, here is Integromat’s feature around this: FTP Integrations | Integromat

Integromat’s is a possible solution although I don’t think it is ideal. I will investigate further and then let you know what we decide. Thanks

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Okay. I say that because I do not think we will be able to address this in the near future, so that is the best solution I can think of!

Node-Red can do also the job to create CSV file. We use it for file management at Edge

Thanks. Node-Red might be the solution