CSV Data Input Widget

After consistent discussion with Customers and Developing (Proof of Value)'s. One of the main roadblocks is connecting and inputting data.

I could see a Use Case for a CSV Widget where the user can copy and paste CSV data into an input box. This data could be linked to a specific Table & Fields or an Array.

Hello @Travis.Rice,

Thanks for posting! I agree that having data be easily entered (& retrieved) is very important to make sure Tulip works in harmony with the existing ecosystem.

Just to confirm, have you used the Import CSV to Table (link) that was recently added to the Tables?

Let me know!



Yes Gio but my opinion is that is too cumbersome from an End User perspective.

Copy/Paste/Go is a much easier methodology/process for an End User.

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@Travis.Rice are you talking about copy/pasting data into Tables directly or specifically in the context of an app (ie letting app users copy/paste csv as an input on a Tulip app?)

Context of the App as a Data Input Method.

Many small devices generate or use text files to integrate with other solutions. This is often the case with quality control equipment that requires the recipe as input and generates the results as output, all in .csv format. On my side, more than a widget, I would find it more interesting to have a function/driver that allows to interact with devices using the csv format. (A bit like the Telnet driver) Besides, that’s what a solution like node-red can do very well, allowing to manage text files using IT protocols like HTTP, MQTT, … A No-Code capabilities as Node-Red embedded in Tulip can be great.

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