Import Data into a Table from the APP


Is there a way to import data into the table from app. I am aware of using csv import into the table from the table page.

But i am trying to develop an app where operator can upload a csv into the parameter table.

Can a connector work in this case?

hello @SuhasPai, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

that’s a great question. currently, the import CSV functionality is only available from the App Editor side of the platform.

using a Connector could potentially work, depending on where the data is stored, and some other factors.

could you describe a little on the use case and workflow for the app you’re trying to build (and where the data for the parameters currently is)?? that way we can best advise on the best solution.

and again, welcome to the Tulip Community.

Thank you again.

We have an csv file with parameter details in it from an external supplier. We have to load this into an Tulip app, perform analysis using existing data and mathematical calculations to determine pass/fail quality decisions.

So the idea was to allow operator to upload a file to Tulip using the app, then navigate through screen to perform the activities.

got it, thanks for sharing @SuhasPai!!

I have submitted a ticket outlining this feature request with our Product team as it would be a great addition to the product.

while the team determines whether this will make it into a future release, is it possible for a User to upload the file to a Table from the App Editor side?? as a note, the data will be immediately accessible from the Player for the calculations to be performed to determine the pass/fail criteria.

thanks for the great suggestion!!

Hi Suhas, thanks for the request! In the future, our goal is to allow suppliers to easily share data with your internal users via a Tulip Table.

If you could add suppliers to your Tulip account with limited access, would that help?