Is there capability to ingest Excel or CSV file upload content into a Tulip Table via App?

I’m working through a use case where I would leverage an output file from our ERP or case management software to essentially upload into Tulip (via app interface, not the bulk upload tool) to create a task list for removal of soon-to-expire inventory. The ERP is the source of truth for what part#/lot#/qty are expiring in a given target date range, but the case management system also provides a “last seen at” location convenience data for any inventory expiring in the given target date range, which can facilitate locating and replacing the inventory identified by the ERP.

Currently we are iterating between these two lists until all expiring inventory has been located and removed, then we run the ERP report one final time to show none remaining, the PDF and e-sign that document to archive as evidence that the process was completed.

Would much rather load the original list into Tulip, then annotate the rows to document the action taken, and upload the final list as validation that the inventory no longer exists per the ERP (i.e. has actually been returned).

Is something like this possible?

Hey Jim,

The library team is working on a custom widget that may help with this. The premise is that the CW will use the Table API and will be able to upload CSV files stored locally on a computer (that for example could come from your ERP) and upload those directly to a Tulip Table. Does this sound like it would be able to help for what you are wanting to do?

That sounds like what we need!