Automated .csv download

I’m having a similar issue to this developer, just in reverse. Instead of automatically writing to a Tulip table, I’m trying to automatically download a csv from a tulip table.

Background: I work at a small manufacturing company, we have 26 employees. Our previous inventory system was a bunch of interconnected Excel files. Sales has an Excel spreadsheet that references “Inventory Master.xlsx”. I want to make a seamless connection to the Tulip Tables for the sales team, so they still look for inventory numbers in the same place.

My thought process was “change the excel formulas that were pulling from Inventory Master to a .csv I download from Tulip.” But I want to do it on an automated schedule. I looked up the Tulip API and there isn’t a call for automating a download of a Tulip Table’s CSV.

I haven’t used Task Scheduler on Windows, but I’m not finding anything on here that allows for automatic downloads. Should I be looking into Task Scheduler’s API? Excel’s API?

Thank you for your time!

You could maybe have a python script that is continuously running and a loop that checks whether the desired time interval has passed. If it’s time to do another automated download, then the script uses a GET request to read records from the Tulip table and then write/append them to a .csv file?

This might be limited by the maximum number of entries that can be returned per API request (100), though. A workaround for this could be using queries to identify records that you haven’t already written to your .csv file.

Here is an example script leveraging the community-developed Tulip library to pull an entire table and save it to a CSV:


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