Get access to user data record

We would like to get access to user data, all fields available in user list page (name, email, role, last connection, active/inactive…) and all custom fields.
Today the extraction with “export user record” is partial.
Ideally, it could be nice that user record (all fields and role) could be available on analytics so we could build our own dashboard for different use case (operator usage, audit user role).

Hi Nicolas, thanks for sharing this concern. We are actively making improvements around this. Here will be the behavior after this release (r272):

  1. There will be one export button for all User Fields (current behavior)
  2. There will be another export button for all the user data that you suggested here (name, email, role, last connection, active/inactive…)

In the future, we plan to have a Users API so you can query this sort of information in real time. I don’t have a timeline for that yet.


Great thanks for this quick feedback. r272 will come soon that a good news for us.
Just to make sure, did you add also Custom fieds in the new export button?

Hi Nicolas, there will be 2 separate export buttons. The general mental model we are following is “When you click the export button on the Users page, you export the things you see on the screen.” So, since User Fields and Users are on 2 separate pages, the functionality of the export button will change based on which one you have open.

Will this release also expose all of the user fields for in-app triggers and expressions?

For our company we need a global extraction of the users of our workspace, with number, last connection date, last name, first name, role, etc…, all the possible information, that would be really useful for us.
Best regards

Hi Jim, can you explain a little more? Which user fields are not exposed currently?

Hi Donato, welcome to the community! A couple questions for you:

  1. When you say “number”, do you mean the unique ID for each user? That is an alphanumeric string.
  2. All the rest of the metadata will be included as you stated.

So @Beth and I were working through something similar in another post from @Amit (pardon me while I figure out how to link to that in a subsequent edit - UPDATED!). Also worth noting, I’m stuck at LTS8.2 so my limitations may be different than current release.

I can pick any user from the User Table (either via interactive table selection, or single select populated with the list of all users (just realized this was a thing at Office Hours) and use this to set a record placeholder in the user table.

When I specify either the Logged-in User or another specific user in the Trigger editor, I can see all of the User Profile + User Custom Fields are exposed:

But when I try to leverage the User Table record placeholder, I can only see a subset of the total user data (i…e. Name, Email, Phone Number, and Role are absent):

I think the same is true for Expression Editor.

Hi Jim, these will remain separate in the UI in the latest release. Is it possible for you to use the Trigger on top of the users table to store the user in a variable? That way, you can write trigger logic to do what you want with those details of the active user.

Yes, that would let me email or SMS the users one-by-one using trigger logic, but still wouldn’t expose the email address or SMS for use with connectors or for copy/paste, etc.

Ah I see. I don’t think that is possible currently. Will file a ticket internally.

In Release 272 - February 2024 It is now possible on the Workspace page for users to generate and download a CSV using the list of users :tada:

I understand there are some open questions in this thread around additional functionality of the user table, so I will keep this thread open in regards to those (also related this this thread Get user details on to app step) but wanted to highlight this release addressing the OP!

Hi this extraction is very usefull for auditing our user. It is mandatory to review it regularly, to make sure each user are still need access and correct role.
From the new feature available, I would like to ask some key improvement and quick win:

  • “Last Online”: it is for example “Last seems a xx month, years, days”. Could you put date format like 2023-10-01 in order to use filter in Excel and aggregate this information with other system that we audit?
  • Make available this feature also at account level, user page (we have more than 10 workspaces…)


Thank you Nicolas, agreed that these would be improvements. Will discuss with my team.