Display bug: paste Trigger

Hi all,
I recog an (fortunately) display bug when pasting a trigger:

After pasting and storing a copied trigger, this appears as deleted trigger, which can’t restored.
But after manually refreshing the app page in chrome, the trigger appears correctly.

Copying a trigger
After pasting

After reloading the app page

after more tries to reproduce:
a click at the app range will bring the trigger back .

But it*s very irritating when seeing this the first time :slight_smile:
Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and I am sorry for the frustration here! Can you confirm which software version you are running? I will check with the team on this for you.

Hi Beth

Version: r270

Deploy Date: 17.01.2024 02:19

Regards Chris

Hi Chris -

Thanks for the details. I checked with the team and we are working on fixing this and it should be resolved in r272 (our next release). Thank you for letting us know about this!


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This has been fixed on Release 272 - February 2024 :tada:

Closing this thread :slight_smile:

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