Triggers on embedded images are deleted when importing apps

Hey Tulip,

There’s an issue when importing apps across different servers (instances). I think it’s a bug that might have gone undetected.

If I have triggers attached to an embedded image, those triggers show up as deleted triggers after importing.

The image migrates correctly, but all triggers get lost/deleted.

Thank you in advance for looking into this!

Eric Singer

Hi Eric,

Thanks for reporting this bug. I have passed this along to our Platform team.

I will update this thread when we have an estimate of when it will be addressed.


Hey Kailey,

Any update on this bug fix. I have an app that I’m afraid to import to another instance until the bug is fixed because there are a lot of triggers on embedded images for this particular app.

Can you just let me know if you have any update?

Hey Eric,

This was bug was fixed in r201, which went out to the production release group last night (2/18).

You should be able to import without worry now :grinning:


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Excellent! Thank you!