Missing Data in copies of tables/apps/steps

Hi there,

my colleagues and I have experienced the following issue multiple times now:
When copying an App (dublicating it) or a certain step some of the data (e.g triggers) don’t seem to be copied.
It feels like it is pretty random if something goes missing or not… do you have any idea regarding this?
Also some of us had an App + corresponding tables copied to other instances and the tables don’t seem to be complete.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for letting us know about these issues you’ve been experiencing. I’ve shared this information for the engineering team to look into, and will have progress updates as information is available.
As of now, I know that the team is looking into making the duplicating functionality more robust, to better handle all of the triggers and ensure that nothing is lost in transitions.
If you can point me to the problematic tables, I’d be happy to take a look at that as well.