Why does my some of my data in tulip tables disappear after the entire app has completed

Does anybody know why my data keeps deleting itself whenever i completed the app?

I want my data to look like row 12. After entering the date in the app the data will appear like in the first column, however after fully keying in other data and then completing the app, then column (the date) will disappear/ delete itself? and it will show up like in row 13 :frowning:


Hi @yixuancleona.tan, this is definitely not expected behavior. I’m wondering if there might be something your trigger logic that’s clearing data on app completion.

I’d start by checking to see if you have any logic attached to the App Completed triggers in the Apps pane, or if any of your complete buttons might have a stray line of logic.

If you can’t isolate the root cause, please feel free to dm me a link to your app.

Thank you so much for ur reply! but i managed to figure it out already! :yum: :blush: