Delete last completion data

Hey there,

in my current project it would be really great if we could delete the dataset from an apps last completion from inside this app.
We are gathering data for analysis from this app and the user can only see a validation of his input after the completion has been done (They want to save clicks). Now if there was a mistake the data is already saved inside tulip and will be displayed in any analytics created.
Don’t know if this could be helpful for anyone else but I thought I’d leaver it here as a suggestion anyway


This is a great suggestion. I’ve shared this request with the product team.
Tulip currently allows for filtering within the analytics tab, as well as separating completions by app version.
To further prevent input errors, I would recommend implementing required ranges on your form steps, or creating triggers to bring the user to another step to check and confirm that the information entered is correct before proceeding.

Let me know if this is helpful!


Hi Brian,

thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately the customer does not want to have an extra confirmation-step…
But I totally understand that this would be the recommended way in tulip!

Hi Vanessa,

I see. We are more than happy to share updates on this feature as the team begins looking into it!