Delete analysis

Hello everyone,

I created some tests analysis and i want to delete them now (in order to have only the ones i actually use), but i don’t see any “Delete” button ?


Hi Fiora,

I think the only option currently is to archive analyses. This might be a good product suggestion though (:

Hi Sydney,

thanks for your answer, do you know where to find the archive option ?

@Fiora Thanks for reaching out. I’m the Product Manager for Analytics at Tulip and wanted to jump in on this thread.

There currently is no ability to archive analyses yet. But, we are working on a new experience for managing analyses right now and the ability to archive/unarchive will be part of this.

I’d be very interested in learning more about how you approached analysis building and what experience you would have expected for archiving/deletion. Would you mind hopping on a call with one of our UX designers (@david) and me to share your experience and thoughts? Getting this information would be extremely valuable for us.

If yes, just comment again here or send me a short email to stefan(at)
I’d then reach out regarding scheduling.

Thanks a lot for your time already!
Looking forward to hearing from you.