Reuse already defined analyses

Is there a way to see all already defined analyses irrespective of their origin?

I have defined several analyses for machines. These are used in several apps. Yet, it seems that each app has created its own instance of the analysis and I cannot seem to find a way to see all the analyses that have been defined to clean up…

Am I missing something?

Hi @sebme, sorry for the late response here. If you place an analysis into multiple apps, they are all referencing the same analysis. So there are not separate instances of that analysis created. Editing the analysis in the analytics editor will update the analysis in all apps it is used in.

The current way to see all analyses in the analysis picker. There you can find them by data source. It is currently not possible to archive analyses.

We are aware that the current experience can make finding and managing analyses challenging. We have started top scope a project to create a page that shows all analyses and allows to manage them better (including the option to archive). Given other priorities that the team is focusing on first, this will, though, take a while until implementation. But once we get to working on this, I’m more than happy to reach out to you again to collect your feedback on our plan if you are interested.

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