Importing Analytics when Migrating Apps to a different server

Hey Tulip,

One of the most helpful features right now when migrating an app to another server (instance) would be to include importing associated analytics.

Sometime I fear the thought of creating apps that involve a lot of embedded analytics because I know they will be shared among our different plants who are on different instances.

Some of our analytics are really long and complex. It is a pain to recreate them after importing an app.

We have 15 plants using Tulip and if there is an app heavy with analytics, instead of being able to share that app with all the plants with minor configuration to each and deploying quickly, it can sometimes be so tedious to recreate the analytics that it takes me a week per plant just to recreate the work I’ve already put in.

Other times, I will just tell the plant that I’m not able to migrate or share the app because it’s too much work without the ability to import the analytics.

This would be a huge feature to include for expanding our app sharing capabilities.

Thank you,

Eric Singer

This is a great idea, Eric. I am wondering if it should really be an option for the use: with analytics or without analytics.

The import/export without analytics becomes useful when people duplicate a certain version of that app in order to run tests. Then, it is advantageous to link analytics to the old app because all the data is stored in the old app.

But, like you said, there are plenty of cases where this creates excess work.

Most of our Analytics are Table Analytcis, not App Completion Analytics.

Having the analytics copied and then creating new or different analytics (usually based on duplicating an existing analytic) and then changing the embedded one to point to a different analytic is much easier than starting from scratch and having to recreate everything from scratch.