Copying Table Record Triggers Across Apps


My company is currently launching Tulip, after building the first 3 assembly apps I have a suggestion that would significantly improve scalability of the software.

Our apps interact heavily with tables, when I try to copy the triggers that facilitate those interactions to other apps, I lose the table/record placeholder portions of the trigger, but maintain the variables. For our use case I need to change the variables and send that data to the same place, for many apps. So the tables must be re-assigned and the variables changed, if the tables/placeholders copied over with the variables, only the variables would need to be swapped out (or for alternative use cases, only the tables would need to be swapped out, reducing the work by half). (Note: I did add the tables/record placeholders exactly to other apps before copying, still was not able to maintain tables in triggers across apps)


Hey @zretzlof -

Wrote up a feature request for this one. Totally agree that there is a gap here (along with a few other areas of reusability for triggers).

One trick you might not know - From the app overview screen you can copy and paste entire steps from 1 app to another, this does migrate the placeholder and all triggers in their original form.

Keep the good ideas coming!