Global variables

Hi Guys,
I didn’t read this any where, but is it possible to use global variables in Tulip so i can use these variables in different Apps?
I mean is it possible to use variables of an App A in an other App B for example?
It will be interresting to have two independent Apps but that have variables in common.
Thank you,

hello @FahdERM, thanks for posting!!

while it is not currently possible to share Variables between 2 apps, we’ve seen many solutions built with the use of Table Records to exchange information between 2 apps.

could you describe the use-case for which you need this functionality?? thanks!!

Hello @gio, in fact that’s what i am using right now (an intermediate table where i save common variables for apps. My use case is four different apps where operator in the first app choose the WO to work with and after that to be able to use this WO in the other apps. And even, for example, use production quantities between apps.
is it clear for you @gio ?
thank you

hello @FahdERM, yes that’s clear!! and just so we know, is there something else that you’re looking to build with global Variables that you can’t currently do with the solution you built with Table Records??

Hello @gio, yes there is some counters which i have to share also between apps and i think it will be a little bit complicated to create a table with many records for every counter and to load this table in apps. Did you planned thuis feature for your next update or not for the moment?Can you send me to an example of these applications please?
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hello @FahdERM, OK understood. I will mention that you could add an App Started Trigger and load the Table Record there (with the App Name as the ID). but I understand that having global variables may be a simpler workflow. this hasn’t been suggested yet, but I think it’s a great idea. do you think you could post in: Product suggestions - Tulip Community and link this topic?? thanks!!

Hi @gio, Thank you for your answer. I will do this. But i don’t have these triggers on my instance :


hello @FahdERM, it looks like your instance has not have been converted over to Transitions and Apps at Edge yet. these changes include a new interface in the Shop Floor, changes on how Triggers are organized in that you can only have 1 transition (Complete App, Go To Stop etc.) per Trigger, and performance improvements. you will also have the App Started/Completed/Cancelled Triggers available.

would you like me to enable this for your instance?? the only pre-requisite is that there is only 1 Player per Station.

if so, DM me your instance URL, I will enable this for your instance and then you will be presented with a wizard that help you convert the apps to include transitions.