Global Variables Across Apps

I am seeing a growing number of use cases where a global variable that remains persistent across apps would be really helpful. One example would be if I have one app where I set up material, I would like to have a button in that app that takes me directly into another app with the material I just created already loaded in a record placeholder and ready for processing without having to scan a barcode or select it from a table.

Hi there,
Yes this suggestion would be very helpful, we solved it by adding columns to the user table, otherwise we didn’t see any other way to be able to pass values between apps.
So, if there will be a way to declare global variables with specific naming conversion, it will be great.

Amit Berku

@japrice Thanks for the suggestion, we are investigating different ways to handle variables in a more global way.

One suggestion in the mean time would be to have a Table for Stations and store the variables there, similar to what @Amit did with the Users Table. Then you could automatically load the info based on the station name without requiring any extra steps from the user.