Apps variable list

When there is a very long list of variables in the app, the recognition of a single variable is very difficult.

I mean, you can search for a variable by his name, if you remember the name of it, but if there are many structures and variables that comes from connector functions, and from all steps, the list of all of them can be VERY long and the names can be similar.

I have talked with one of your workers about that but havn’t got any response of the way of solving this issue or when.

Thank you,

Hi Amit, as with any programming language you are responsible for creating variable names you can remember. I personally use a format of stepName.variableName to keep track of my variables. I have a couple hundred in one app and don’t have trouble finding variables with this method.

Hi Ethan,
I’m a programmer too with many years of expriance in many kinds of languages so believe me I know how to declare variables but when you can declare variables as local in function and public in an include or class and global, depends on which language you program in, there is a way to locate everything.
But when ALL variables are global and each variable of a connector function include tens of attributes and in the app you have at least 20 steps, the list is very long and the search is very difficult.

I hope I clearify my issue.


Hi @Amit, we understand and are always looking to make managing complex apps easier. We have been investigating different ways to do this, however, I cannot provide a timeline as of yet.

Also as a programmer i would like to see some features to better manage variables that are similar to established languages.
A first step would be to implement local/global variables i.e variables that are local to a step and ones that are global to an app. This would make management much easier.
You could automatically label them as suggested above e.g step.variable or global.variable

Hi All-
We have recently added a few nice things to the variable list in Apps. Search is better and you can filter by Type. Each variable now has links to where used as well. It’s not exactly what you describe, but we think it makes a big difference with variable management. Take a look!