PLEASE improve copy and paste behavior if the content being copied involves any triggers

Imagine you want to copy over triggers from one app to another. Assume both apps share the same fundamental structure in terms of record placeholder, variable names, etc.

At present if you do this, any reference to a record placeholder inside a trigger will become blank. You are then forced to redo all the assignments. To top it off, when you go ahead and select the same record placeholder, the later field assignments are reset… so you have to go back and forth between the apps to figure out what you did in the original trigger and pretty much build it up from scratch again.



  1. Do not reset those field assignments when the placeholder to it is changed; if it has the table column in question make it reuse it. It can be blanked out if there is no match - then it would make sense
  2. Better yet: detect that the trigger being pasted contains placeholder references and ask the user to specify the appropriate replacement first before prpping the user confirmation of the new trigger.

I have already lost so much time in completing these things…