[Tip of the Week] Copying Steps Between Apps

hello all, in this week’s Tip of the Week we wanted to share how you can copy and paste Steps between Apps. this feature can be especially useful if you download an app from the Library, but only need a specific Step of the App in your solution, or if you have a Step (registration, for example) that you need in every App. when you copy a Step, the Step Enter, Machine and Devices, Timer and Step Exit Triggers are also copied.

to Copy a Step, simply right click the Step you’d like to copy and press the Copy button:

you can then paste the Step in any App you’d like by right clicking, and clicking Paste:

let us know if anyone has any questions on using this functionality!!

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Really useful feature indeed :slight_smile: and I can remember when I started I was confused because I’m usually working with multiple tabs opened however to copy/paste steps as presented above you have to copy and paste using the same tab !

hey @pte, great to hear you like this feature (and thanks for clarifying the point on the tabs)!!