App / Design integrity check


I have seen a handful of cases now where we publish and approve apps that have flawed design. They are partly driven by design evolving and export/import software bugs. A few cases that we experience:

  1. An app is redesigned and an table column is archived, but we forget to fix a table filter or subset of a trigger. The app designer do not show any issues with trigger even though the column isnt available. In release 282 I can see that table filters are flagged.
  2. The import tool archived a column that the app was using by mistake leaving the trigger to point at columns that is not available anymore.
  3. The import tool for single app into a group of apps ruins the transition trigger leading to “Deleted step”. Tulip support have scripts to run against the system to help identify.

We do learn from our mistakes and have critical eye on design changes, but my suggestion goes along the lines of enhancing the Tulip application to provide built in checks that help verify the design - prior to approving/publishing/deploying to production.

Given the platform is quite open and that apps/tables/queries/aggregations and so on are managed independently of one another it would be a really nice - while designing - to be able to run a system checks on the design.

Have such a feature ever been debated at Tulip?


Hi @ASharp-J, thanks for the suggestion. We have had several internal conversations regarding system checks and indications on errors/improvements before publishing your Tulip solution. These conversations are still ongoing and your suggestion is super helpful for upcoming planning.

If you have additional thoughts around this or other ideas for making the publishing of Tulip solutions easier/better, please do share. Thanks again!

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